photo by erick lee. this is behind the scene of our shoot with david garibaldi, 
urijah faber, and kito andrews.. stay tuned…


this is a music video that we shot in palms springs ca, directed by me chad ross and erick lee…  (shoot)life…..


finally, spring2012 official look book video. shot by me and dir by erik lee good times




Stay Official Part 3 - OFFICIAL Spring ‘12 Video Lookbook featuring C Plus

Full video lookbook dropping later this month. For now, get stoked on this!

shot by: chad ross, erick lee, and bobby gee…. 

So its 2012 and its time for a demo reel!!!! myself along with Erick Lee and Bobby Gee shot this. I’m proud of our work!!!! (shoot)life….



I was the director of photography for this.

Chad ross

New work!! We did this a couple weeks ago in the north west. I scouted out the locations and was the dp and the editor. my thanks to OFFICIAL, Erick Lee , Bobby Gee, and Sam Stevenson. 


chad ross

This is a video i am very proud of. I was commissioned to do this video that was sent to P. Diddy!! the painting was a gift for him and as well as the video. took a day to shoot this, starting at 3am in the morning during the summer and then coming back to location in el dorado hills at 7 pm. it was totally an honor to do this video and shows that i can create what i see in my mind just like david garibaldi!!!  many thanks to david and the el dorado lake taho film commission!!!


machinedrum is one of my fav producers, he’s made beats for Theophilus london , Jesse boykins iii, and melo-x. 

got a chance to interview and hang out with him. very down to earth guy!!!


new video written by me and shot by me, had a fun time


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